It’s more than enhancing workforce capability. It’s improving public safety.

“This is a great organisation, and you can make a meaningful impact.”

James, Change Delivery Team

The experience you have when you come to work and how you feel about working for the MoJ j is top of our agenda. At People Group, we’re passionate about creating an MoJ where leaders inspire, talent is nurtured, people feel welcome and everyone is encouraged and enabled to deliver.

From the moment people are recruited into the MoJ until the time they leave, we take a people-focused-approach to make a positive contribution to their employment experience and career journey.  

‘It’s not about sitting in an ivory tower, coming up with solutions. It’s about getting out there, talking to frontline staff and asking them what needs to be different. Because if they’re not happy then ultimately, we’re not delivering what’s needed for people in our Prisons. it’s fascinating and it’s complex.’


Our teams come from a range of professional backgrounds, as well as HR. We work together to provide expert support, advice and delivery throughout the employee lifecycle. And our work goes beyond what we consider traditional HR.

Bringing together a range of expertise, including project and change management, insight and analysis, capability building and talent development, we work creatively to provide innovative ways to support MoJ staff to perform their roles to the best of their ability.

“We help people to be as good as they can be at their jobs. Whatever we can do to help their employment experience to be better, that’s where I get my satisfaction.”


Our Priorities

  • Growing Confidence – Building relationships and influencing upwards and outwards.
  • Enabling Reform – Maintaining oversight and using expertise at every level, articulating our ambition and vision for now and the future.
  • Building Capability – Creating opportunities that enable people to flourish, finding new ways to innovate, learn and lead.

We partner with people across the business to develop and deliver interventions and solutions for both colleagues and the public. We work to embed best practice for our people, to ensure we have the right tools in place met our legal responsibilities, and to make change happen.

Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing are high on our agenda

Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing is embedded in our DNA with empowered people that thrive. We want MoJ to be a place where everyone feels they can belong and be the best of themselves at work. Putting belonging at the heart of the MoJ means working alongside senior leaders, diversity champions, networks and allies to change culture and practice so that the MoJ reflects modern Britain and delivers the right policy and services first time.

You can read more about how we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace here.

Harnessing the skills and passion of our people

Continued learning is an important part of our commitment to making the MoJ a great place to work, as well as ensuring we have the skilled people we need to make the vision of a modern Civil Service a reality. To do this we provide an integrated and comprehensive learning, development and talent programme that supports people across the organisation to enable the successful delivery of both current and future business objectives.

We all learn every day at work and many MoJ staff choose to formalise that through qualifications.  Apprenticeships are high-quality programmes of learning that are directly related to your area of work and delivered by a registered training provider, college or university. 

There is a huge variety of qualifications, from entry-level, right up to Masters equivalent and many contain externally recognised qualifications such as CIPD. 

Successful candidates will be offered bespoke support to help you choose the right course for you.  There are many apprenticeship options available when you join MoJ, including:

HR/L&D Roles

HR Support L3 

HR Consultant/Partner L5 

Learning & Development Consultant L5 

Project Delivery Roles

Associate Project Manager L4 

Project Manager Degree L6 

Leadership & Management Roles

Operations/Departmental Manager L5 

Chartered Manager Degree L6 

Senior Leader L7

A Modern Civil Service One Pager (

“And at the grand old age of 53, I’m living proof that an apprenticeship is not what you think it is. A level of commitment is needed obviously, and I did not go into lightly but I was determined to become a qualified HR professional, By choosing to succeed, I am now an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and I have a HR Consultant Level 5 Diploma apprenticeship.”


“Being able to undertake a CIPD Level 5 qualification via an apprenticeship route has not only helped me to gain a professional qualification, but it has supported me with my professional development, increasing my knowledge and giving me a wider understanding across a range of HR disciplines. Overall, the HR apprenticeship is a great opportunity which gives you the skills, qualifications and grounding to become a well-rounded HR professional.”


Smarter Working

Smarter working is about creating a better place to work. Increasing flexibility and choice of working location, with more options open to you, allowing you to manage and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We are a nationally comprised team, our technology and ways of working allow us to stay connected whilst offering the opportunity to work remotely more often. This gives you the opportunity to work from home or at a local commuter hub, where business needs allow, and save the time, cost and stress of your daily commute.

“They’re really, really good on flexible working. I have caring responsibilities and am able to work compressed hours.”

“There’s an excellent understanding of people’s responsibilities and needs outside of work, and as long as you meet business objectives there’s a lot of flexibility.”