It’s more than shaping the future of people services. It’s shaping the future of justice.

“People touch the justice system at their most vulnerable, and if we can improve the experience that people have of justice and the integrity of justice, by doing what we do, it’s something that makes me immensely proud.”

Mark Adam, Chief People Officer 

This is one of the most exciting parts of government to grow your career.

At the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) People Group we offer complexity, breadth and scale, and a wide range of roles and career paths beyond traditional HR.

With a workforce of almost 85,000 people employed within prisons, probation, courts and tribunals as well as a central policy department, our work is fascinating, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

We work together with a shared sense of purpose. Not only to improve the employee experience, but to help keep prisons running and reduce reoffending. To help support victims, improve public safety and rebuild confidence in the justice system. And, by ensuring everyone working across the MoJ has the skills and support they need, to help to deliver a justice system that works for everyone in society.

We’re working to build the MoJ workforce of the future. To attract, retain and develop the best people in public service. We’re also working at the cutting edge of HR thinking and behaviour, to shape the future of people services. To help us achieve that, we’re looking for people who can bring skills and expertise from a range of professions and backgrounds.

Join us and you can help build, and be part of, the best employee experience. We’ll work to ensure you feel included and valued for who you are, what you bring and the contribution you can make.

Mark Adam

Chief People Officer